NAWIC provides many educational programs through various venues for it’s members and those employed or looking to become employed in the construction industry.

  • Speakers are used at the Chapter Meetings to speak on topics of interest on Construction related or of interest to Women employed in the construction industry.
  • NEF (NAWIC Education Foundation), with a core purpose to educate the construction industry and foster to work force of tomorrow, provides many educational opportunities, including the following ACCE recognized programs: CIT (Construction Industry Technician), CCA (Certified Construction Associate), CDS (Construction Document Specialist), CBT (Construction Bookkeeping Technician), and ESP (Estimating and Scheduling Practitioner); as well as bringing the Construction Industry as a career to school age children through our Block Kids, Design Drafting Competition programs.
  • Regional Conferences provide educational seminars and workshops, and Networking, as well as conducting NAWIC Business.
  • Chapters present Seminars of topics of pertinence to the construction industry, as a way to fund our various Scholarship and other Educational programs.
  • NAWIC’s National website provides web based programs and internet courses.
  • Scholarships, the NFSF (NAWIC Founders Scholarship Foundation) provides thousands of dollars a year to college students studying in a Construction related field, as well as Tradeswomen Scholarships. Many Chapters also provide scholarships through Chapter scholarship funds(See below chapters listings)

More Information

  • For more information on NFSF scholarships go here
  • For Chapter scholarship applicationsĀ and information contact Chapters directly
  • For more information on our National web and internet educational programsĀ go to Education Information
  • For more information about NAWIC’s NEF programs, go to NAWIC EDUCATION FOUNDATION (NEF)
  • Speakers Bureau
    • For more information on available Speakers and topics click here
    • To become listed in our Speakers Bureau click here