Professional Development & Education Committee – Welcome & 2022/2023 Webinar Schedule

Greetings and welcome to another amazing NAWIC year! I am excited to be your PD&E Chair again this year. Just a couple of items I would like to mention to kick off the year. NAWIC National PD&E Committee has already scheduled almost the entire year of National webinars and the schedule is herein. National has also decided not to do PD&E awards this year. This decision was made due to a major lack of entries submitted for these awards over the past couple of years. However, I love to recognize and celebrate the awesome ladies of the PSW Region, so I have decided to give awards at the Region level for PD & E.

There will be 2 categories for awards for our Region. The first award, Chapter PD&E Participation Award, will go to the Chapters with the most members participating in live National PD&E webinars. Again, the schedule for these webinars is listed after this letter. The 2nd award, Chapter PD&E Champion Award will go to the Chapters with the most creative and/or consistent PD&E programming for the coming year. I am calling this the PD&E Champion Award because this will go to the Chapters committed to championing their Professional Development and Education Committee program and engaging their members in it.

If your Chapter does not have a PD&E Committee or program I would like to remind everyone that PD&E is a required standing committee for all chapters in NAWIC. I would be happy to help any Chapters that would like to “beef up” their PD&E Committees. Your Chapter’s programming could consist of a book club, a series of webinars or educational topics at meetings, and more! This is designed to be an opportunity to create something ongoing for your chapters. If it doesn’t work out that is ok! Pivot and try something different or new. Talk with other Chapters to see what they are doing. Your program could also be as simple as following the NAWIC Leadership Book Club. You can join this group on Facebook. Currently, they are reading “VOLAR: How to Turn Roadblocks into Runways of Success” by Mitch Savoie Hill, PCP.
2022 – 2023 NAWIC National PD&E Webinars (confirmed)

PLEASE NOTE: All webinars will be held at 11:00 AM Central Time

October 11, 2022
MBE/WBE: A Legal & Accounting View
Abba Harris &
November 8, 2022
Personal Branding
Danielle Hoeltzel December 13, 2022 No Webinar
January 10, 2023
Construction Suicide Awareness & Prevention
Greg Sizemore – ABC
February 14, 2023
Building a Better Business Story
Rebecca P. Murray
March 14, 2023
Building a Better Presentation
Rebecca P. Murray
April 11, 2023
Tools of the Trades from a Badass Tool Gal
Makita (Liv Hanlon)
May 9, 2023
Creating an Exceptional Client Experience
Tina Phillips
June 13, 2023
3 A’s to Recruiting & Retaining a Sustainable Workforce
Ally Jencson & Jessica Jacobsen, MSPM
July No Webinar
August No Webinar


Allison “Ally” Jencson
PD&E Chair